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“Receiving God’s Grace to Become God’s Gifts” – that’s our congregation’s theme for the next three months – and that’s a mouthful! Let’s go easy on ourselves, with all the getting-ready-for-Christmas things already in our minds – let’s just focus today on one word -- “receiving.”

During these days of Advent, “receiving” is almost a counter- cultural activity. So much being spoken to us by advertisements and daily conversations is about “getting” – “only 26 more days to get that Christmas shopping done!”; “What are you going to get for him?”; “What do you think we’ll get from them?”; “When am I going to find time to get the Christmas decorations up?”... and the unspoken thought -- “I can’t wait to just get through it all and put my feet up on the 26th!”

But we in the Church are invited into a journey of receiving during the Advent and Christmas Seasons.

Calling All Shepherds

ShepherdMembership Development is pleased to introduce our new Shepherding Program.

What is it you ask? Shepherds will be paired with new members to our church. They will personally welcome and help orient the new members to our events for the first year of the exciting journey as members of our church family. It is a fantastic way to meet new people and introduce them to the friends you already have at DGFUMC.

You have what it takes to be a Shepherd!

Volunteer today by contacting Ed Dunn at eda_dunn@sbcglobal.net and we will get you the details.

Take a Walk!

When I was young, one of the small pleasures of the school year starting up again was the prospect of daily walks to and from school with friends from my neighborhood.  On these daily walks, understanding of my friends grew, inevitable squabbles were healed, and compassion deepened as we shared, on the way home, what had been that day's biggest challenges. And there was the unbeatable bonding experiences of doubling over with laughter together at some great joke or silly observation.

Photos that welcome the world

A woodland scene

Walking in the woods last week after dinner, I noticed the sun cascading through the limbs then someone walking through that light. There, I was reminded of the little worlds we collide with and walk in and out of each day. How do we say hello with a welcoming word?

This summer we invite you to share images with us at church of some of the ways you have, or will have touched the world. It could be a picture of a neighborhood block party or it could be stepping off the plane in Paris or exiting a boat in Thailand. You can pull out your camera phone and catch Mount Rushmore or a conversation over the back fence with a new neighbor. Wherever vacations or business trips or a ride to a relative take us, we hope you take a welcoming spirit along with a picture. Wherever you find yourself saying hello, to different people and places, share these adventures and email the pictures to Bethany. Please include a brief description in terms of people and place.

We want to geotag these photos and catch a glimpse of the worlds we shook hands with over the summer. A summer walk in the woods, depicted above, did I stop and say hi, did we have a conversation? If so, where did the conversation lead us? Let the conversations begin! Maybe we can see the big things we did together that we couldn't have done alone.

A Day of Celebration

We are so looking forward to this Sunday morning's special worship service, and the great "singing and ringing" Sunday evening concert too!

A praise band will be supporting the music for Sunday morning's service, and the message will be shared by JJ Mannschreck, our seminary intern. The design of the service looks refreshing and joyful - I can hardly wait to be there!

Welcoming the World

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself," says Matthew 22:34-46

Welcoming the world seems to take love for granted. Welcoming is inviting -- making the strangers feel they belong. When we welcome the world around us, we love God.

Pastor's Reflection

Oh, these spring mornings! I relish them, as I am sure most of us do. With the early sunlight streaming in through the windows, and the plants outside growing fuller every day, it's a daily treat to just pause and soak it all in -- even when doing so reminds me that one of these days, I'd better wash those panes!

Guide Book & Directory Advertising Opportunity

We are in the process of updating our annual Guide Book and Directory for the Church. This book helps us all to know more about our church. The who, what, where, when, why and how of our Church. As last year, the book is being provided at no cost to our Church and again is being subsidized by local businesses who advertise in it. If you own or manage a business and want to find out how to advertise in the book, please call the church office 630.968.7120.

Update Your Membership Information

Does our Church database have your family membership record correctly? Here is your chance to update your record for our annual Guide Book & Directory.

It is time for us to update our database with any changes, additions or deletions that may have occurred in your family over the past year. Have you changed your phone number? Have you moved? Do we have your email address? All information is sent in for the new directory on July 1 and the directory is sent to us at the beginning of September.

If you have not already informed the church office about changes to your record, please contact Diane Kerr or Sharon Harman.

2012 General Conference

The 2012 General Conference was held in Tampa, FL from April 24-May 4. This is a meeting held every four years and is the only body that speaks for the 13 million member denomination. Four lay delegates and four clergy delegates represented the Northern Illinois Conference, of which our church is a part. In total, 988 United Methodist delegates from five continents (40% from Africa) attended the event.

General Conference is a time of worship, music, fellowship and decision-making.


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