"Watts of Love" Lunch Talk

The Mission, Justice and Community Work Area invites you to come hear church member Maggie Roth share her experience of traveling to Haiti with Watts of Love! More than one billion people in the world live without any electricity. Families in extreme poverty around the world are forced to depend on kerosene to light their lamps at night. As well as being a major household expense, kerosene is toxic and flammable, causing many injuries from burns and health issues from toxic soot. 

Watts of Love has, as its central mission, the goal of bringing safe light to families in the developing world. Starting with its first project in the Philippines in 2013, this organization has sought to free communities around the world from the harm caused by kerosene and help sustain them economically by enabling work outside daylight hours. 

Maggie Roth has been working with Watts of Love for the past year and traveled with a team to the Central Plateau region of Haiti from January 2 to 9 this year, to deliver safe lighting to impoverished communities. Please come and hear her story and view photos as she relates her experiences on that trip.

Lunch will be provided by MJC. Please sign up below or contact Sheila in the church office if you plan to come, so that we can estimate numbers.

Fellowship Hall
Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 12:15pm

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