Taking Care of Your Loved Ones - Part II

Taking Care of Your Loved Ones - What You Need To Know Before Making a Decision

Four members of our church share their experiences with the aging facilities their loved ones entered. They will help you know what questions to ask about care and the hidden clauses and costs that are found only in the small print of a contract.

  • Sarah DeMink recently explored options for the care of a cousin.
  • Kathleen Schultz’s parents were both in assisted living facilities.
  • Rosie Roose had power of attorney for her friend at Oak Trace who recently died.
  • Kerri Crandell’s father was in memory care for several years before he died.

It is not what we know, but what we don’t know that we need help with in making decisions about our lives and our loved ones' care.
Come and learn from the experts; the people with experience.

Room 216
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 7:00pm

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