Lent: Day 39

Lenten DevotionalsDescribing GOD

His path is vast, His actions direct.
There is no middle ground, no grey area,
Yet there is forgiveness and compassion.
There is purpose, there is hope.
There is power, there is mercy.

There is LIFE.

LIFE...that mysterious experience that only He has created.Full of pain, sorrow, devastation, and death.Yet we SURVIVE! Each generation somehow survives.War and famine, massacres and disease, cannot stop the human spirit.It is invincible-because it is Made by God, Fashioned by God,Sanctified by God, Willed by God, and Blessed by God.

To know God is to have a better life, a more comfortable life,a richer life.

For only He gives life meaning and purpose,and without meaning and purpose,

Life is nothing more than a Blank Space.

Words of Suzanne Richards, a departed sister in Christ

Ann Kinder
Saturday, April 16, 2011

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