Bridge Work Area

The Bridge Board at First United Methodist Church is a partner with Bridge Communities, a non-profit organization with offices in Glen Ellyn whose mission is to:

  • Inspire and effect change by advocating for homeless families.
  • Provide services and opportunities that connect families to a better future.
  • Collaborate with faith-based partners, community groups and businesses to leverage resources and create long-term solutions.
  • Lead by example through our innovative programs and grassroots involvement.

The DGFUMC Bridge Board currently sponsors three families in partnership with Bridge Communities.

Debbie Gray

Members: Karen Dortwegt, Chris Dortwegt, Debbie Gray, Sue Hogan, Patti Mielcarski, Kay Miller, Nancy Poch, Michelle Waltmire

Mentors: Tom and Mary Babler, Brett Goad, Dan Johnson, Janine Johnson, Gretchen Shrearer, Bob Walters, Jim Witek

Staff Representative: Claude King

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