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Good Soil

In the gospel lesson for Sunday, Jesus tells a story of seeds being sown. Some seed was planted too shallow, some seed was planted where it did not have room to grow, some seed did not reach the soil at all and fed the birds, but the seed that fell into the good soil produced a great harvest.

Pastor Wes' Devotion

Pastor Wes' Devotion

Disciples Sheltering in Place

This Sunday was supposed to be Confirmation Sunday. It is disappointing on many levels not to be able to gather with the young people that are prepared to confirm their faith and celebrate with their families. Confirmation Sunday will still happen, but not yet. 

One Body with Many Parts

This week in worship, we will be focusing on togetherness. As we join for one service at 10:00 a.m. with both the Chapel Choir and Chancel Choir, we worship and walk together in faith with our confirmation class. It seems like more than ever before our culture is very divided!  In some instances, it is difficult to have meaningful conversations with people we love because our views may be polar opposite.

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