Working with the UMW, the theme for this year’s Children’s Sabbath Sunday is the idea of Unless. I think we all could come to some agreement that the world is struggling with some issues around caring for the environment; systemic racism; inequalities with health care and education, hunger, and homelessness; and the COVID-19 pandemic; along with many other issues that keep us from the world of love, peace, justice, and mercy that God desires for us.

The word “unless” points to how we are workers in God’s kingdom to bring about that peace, love, justice and mercy. Unless someone like us, as Christians, care a lot and decide to make a difference, then nothing is going to get better and we are not going to realize the kingdom of God. I believe children have some amazing ideas that can lead us to a wonderful day where all God’s creation and people are cared for.

This Sunday’s Zoom Worship at 10:00 a.m. will include some messages by children, youth, and others about how we can work to make the world a better place. The service will also include music by children and the annual blessing of the backpacks. I invite students and teachers (anyone with involvement in the schools) to have something that is a part of their school day such as a backpack, some pencils, paper, a laptop, teacher bag, etc. close by the computer for the opportunity to have it blessed for this new school year that is upon us.

May we all encourage and pray for our children as they make a difference in our world today.

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