More Than a Dream!

A few weeks ago, the air conditioner in our home broke down. It was a very hot weekend and not a great time for this to happen. So, I called a service person to come out to look at it and hopefully fix it. After about 15 minutes, the repair person came to me and said, “I have some bad new and I have some good news.”

I have to admit I am not a fan of when people say that because I usually only hear the bad news and not the good news. He said the bad news is “Your unit is old, has many problems and will cost a lot to fix it and the fix I can do might not fully fix it.” Then he said, “The good news is that we can sell you a new unit that is better and will take care of your problem and we can install it tomorrow!” After he said that I thought to myself, “What is the good news?”

A reality of life that we all know is that there are bad things and good things that happen in the world every day. This week I will be preaching about Jacob’s story and his dream from Genesis 28:10-19. Jacob’s story is one rooted in the realities of the harsh human condition that can be very ugly at times but also offers us some real good news! I promise the good news IS good news!

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