1 Corinthians 2

Hey friends.

So this week is all about 1 Corinthians 2, which is one of my favorite chapters to talk about.

It splits into two major sections: v1-5 and v6-16.

The first section (v1-5) is all about proclaiming Christ.

In v3 Paul talks about coming in weakness and fear and trembling. This, plus some other verses in other books, leads some scholars to think that perhaps Paul had some sort of physical problem – like maybe a stutter or something. He points it out because he wants to emphasize that all the power of his message comes from JESUS!

In our culture, lots of speakers and preachers wax eloquent and can convince us of silly things with fancy words. Politicians are a great example. However, Paul does not speak with fancy words. He does not use tricky phrases with ambiguous meanings. He relies on the power of the Spirit to carry his message forward.

In short, Jesus’ story has the power. It doesn’t need fancy framing. Paul gives all power to the Holy Spirit and trusts in the power of his message. Boom!

sidenote: 1 Corinthians 2:5 is a great memory verse. “so that you faith might rest not on human wisdom but on the power of God.” human wisdom will let you down, but the power of God will not!

The Second Section (v6-16) continues this idea, but expands it a little bit.

It goes on and on about the importance of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever read something in the bible, and it simply makes no sense? Paul is saying that, without the Spirit – of course it makes no sense! We need to invite God into our reading, by asking the Holy Spirit to help us interpret.

This may seem a bit weird, but consider this: have you ever tried to rationally explain love to someone? No easy task! Love makes us do some incredibly irrational things. Why would you do something for someone else, especially when there is no benefit to you? Why would you sacrifice your time, your money, your self for another person? And yet we do it every day! Reason doesn’t get you there. Logic is of no use.

Jesus is God incarnate. Try explaining that! Without the help of the Spirit, that concept would scramble our little human brains. We need help! Thankfully God is very willing to share his Spirit.

Verse 12 says, “…but the Spirit that is from God, so that we may understand the gifts bestowed on us by God.” There are probably several legit interpretations, but I think Paul is talking about GRACE! Grace is the craziest concept if you try to look at it from a rational point of view.

Take this example: A court case. A guilty man is on trial, and he’s been condemned and is getting ready to be executed. Then an innocent man walks in. This innocent man says, “That man is guilty, but I am going to sacrifice myself instead!” The innocent man takes the punishment that the guilty man deserves. That is what Jesus did for us on the cross! There is no amount of logical rambling that can explain that! It’s just love, plain and simple – check out John 3:16.

There's always more to say, but our time has run short.

As always, I present my ideas humbly as the simple interpretation of one man. I hope you learned something and that God speaks to your heart and to your mind.

God loves you, never forget that!

Until next time, peace and love brothers and sisters.

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