A Word that Knows Your Name

This Sunday marks the greatest day of celebration in the Christian year - Easter!  We will gather to rejoice, through music, scripture, prayer and praise, in the good news that in Jesus Christ, God has overcome death with the gift of Resurrection.

In the Easter message this year, "A Word that Knows Your Name," I will focus on the Resurrection story in John 20:11-20, and on the questions that we face in the face of death. This scripture helps us to see how God is with each of us, bringing each to a new life beyond this life.

The Jesus of Good Friday becomes the Risen One of Sunday, the One who brings us all to newness - to the "first day of the week." Resurrection means that the old stories of money and power and violence and control are dead, and that our lives have been brilliantly interrupted by God's life-changing grace and love - and that we can expect to be interrupted by Christ, by this Risen One, by "God with us," always.

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