Three Courageous Women

This Sunday is Mothers' Day, and in the church, it is a day we thank God for the gifts of all women who use their lives and talents to make a difference for others.

A Biblical story that highlights how three women worked together to make an important difference in their world is found early in the Book of Exodus. We'll be looking at Exodus 1:13-14 and 22 - 2:1-10 on Sunday, the account of three shrewd women - a sister, a princess, and a mother - who work together to protect Moses' life. In the message on Sunday, "Three Courageous Women," I will share some reflections about my own mother, and suggest ways the women who protected Moses reveal to us how we can help protect children in the 21st century. Protecting children might mean allowing them to experience things to which they will have to bring skills and abilities they might otherwise have never explored.

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