The One at the Center

This Sunday, we will be honoring members and loved ones of our congregation who have died during the past year, and who in many ways, were a window to God's creative love - whether in the ways they served the church or loved your families into being.  We know and give thanks that they are all now safe with God.

Our scripture focus will be Revelation 7:9-17, a marvelous image of the grandeur, inclusiveness, love and praise in that life to come.  The message will highlight our own memories of our loved ones, then move to God's memory of each person as a whole person and how that relates to grace.

John's vision in Revelation identifies the people in white robes as those who went through a time of great difficulty, even persecution by powers on earth, in their lives.  He looks back upon these events from an elevated perspective - from heaven, looking back on earth.  Their robes are white because they have been redeemed by Jesus.  Their deaths have become enfolded in the Lamb's death and gift of himself.  In this vision, it is suffering love, that gives up life for others, that sits on the throne in the heart of heaven.

That vision continues to speak deeply today - after all, who else would you want to sit on that heavenly throne, but the One who is servant to all?

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