To Delight in the Child

When we begin life's journey, we ask or wonder about two questions.

The first is "who am I?" This question also gets raised at others times in the afternoon and evening of our lives, but here at the beginning, we wonder if we are wanted here in this place. Is this a safe place for me to flourish, to pay attention to my gifts?

The second question, which begins for the young child is, "why am I here?" Asked another way, "what purpose was I created for?" If we just get affirmation with no expectations, then we get a self-centered person for who others do not exist. But if we receive only expectations without affirmations also included then we end up trying to please everyone else, but never ourselves.

How do we get both in some kind of relationship? This is what I want to explore with you this Sunday as I preach on 1 Samuel 16 about how young David received both affirmation and expectation.

I hope to see you there.

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