Mother's Day

This week, I ran across a quote from Abraham Lincoln about his mother's influence:  "I have always remembered my mother's prayers. They have clung to me all my life."

On Mothers' Day, May 8, people across the country will be thinking of their mothers, or the women in their lives who have been, in some way, like a mother to them. In the church, we celebrate every woman on Mothers' Day, thankful for the ways their particular personalities and gifts have influenced us in our lives and faith, and have influenced the world.

And in our congregation, we especially emphasize the meaning and mission of United Methodist Women on Mothers' Day. The UMW organization has made such a difference in the world, providing ministries that focus on women and children. And our congregation's UMW Circles do a great job of deepening friendship, community, and spiritual growth.

As a special treat this year, we have a guest preacher for Mothers' Day, the UMW Aurora District Coordinator of Social Concerns - who happens to be our own Leah Ostwald!  Leah has been asked to preach in other District churches, and our local group asked her to bring the message here for Mothers' Day. Come and enjoy this special day - and give thanks for those people God has used to influence you in faith, hope, love, and courage.

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