For all that has been - thanks! To all that will be - yes!

Thank you so much for the gift of last Sunday! - the beautiful reception for us in the Fellowship Hall, the warm greetings from so many of you, the cards and the very, very generous love gifts. We have loved our years at DGFUMC, and the reception will always be a special memory for us.

You'll still be seeing us at church the next couple of weeks - I'll be preaching on June 17, and Jim on June 24, and we'll be clearing out our offices in preparation for the arrival of Pastor Claude and Pastor Anna. This is an exciting time for the church, and with all of you, we echo the prayer of Dag Hammarskjold: "For all that has been - thanks! To all that will be - yes!"

Fathers' Day this Sunday

We'll be celebrating Fathers' Day during worship this Sunday, and our scripture from Acts 5:27-39 will put the spotlight on a little-known character of the New Testament - Gamaliel. Though we only see a moment from his life in the scripture account, in that moment he chooses to be a person of integrity and calm courage, and in so doing influences a whole group of people and protects the lives of Peter and other apostles. Like so many of the fathers and men in our families and in our faith community, the everyday actions of this man made a positive difference for generations after him.

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