DeLong Trial Results Send a New, Joyous Message to GLBTs

Pentecost happened again at Kaukauna, Wisconsin on June 24 at the trial of Rev. Amy DeLong. Amy, her trial team and supportive witnesses, gathered from many states, felt the loving wind of the Spirit as the trial court (jury) found Amy innocent of the charge of being a self-avowed, practicing homosexual by a vote of 12 to 1. The jury validated the defense position that the church had not only colluded with what it calls her "sin" by its years of pastoral appointments in spite of her openness about her sexual orientation and partnered relationship, but that the church also failed to follow its own rules when it decided to bring charges against her. This is the first time in the history of our denomination that a lesbian clergywoman has been found innocent of this charge by a trial court.

Amy was found guilty of officiating at a same-sex union. However, after 7 hours of deliberation, the trial court "punished" her by suspending her for 20 days during which time she is required her to collaborate with her bishop and others in writing a document, "outlining procedures for clergy in order to help resolve issues that harm the clergy covenant, create an adversarial spirit, or lead to future clergy trials." So, in effect, they affirmed her leadership to teach and advocate for justice - the very thing she has been doing for years in her current appointment as Director of Kairos CoMotion. To learn more, visit Amy's website:

Thank you for all of your prayers and good wishes. Together we are helping our beloved United Methodist Church become truly welcoming to all persons.

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