Amy DeLong Trial

Since the death of Jesus, the Church often speaks of his blood saving us. I don’t use this language much because it has been hijacked by religious conservatives who take it to mean that they, individually, and those who are just like them have been elevated to a privileged position in God’s sight, which is odious heresy. However, this morning I’m thinking that the blood language might still be useful if we think about it in terms of being open to receiving a spiritual transfusion of the life-force, aka blood, of Jesus. Such a spiritual transfusion leads us to loving as Jesus loved; in other words – loving everyone.

This week, the Wisconsin conference of The United Methodist Church will seek to punish one of their/our clergy for daring to love in such a fashion. Rev. Amy DeLong has openly admitted that she loves her 15 year life-partner, a woman, and that she has offered the love of the church to two lesbian women in a service of holy union. Her church trial will begin in Kaukauna, WI on Tuesday, June 21. The Church has chosen a tiny town and a small church (ironically named Peace UMC) to host the trial, and a date which will follow the WI Annual Conference when most clergy are worn out and ready to rest - with the hope that they can rid the church of one more “undesirable” without many people noticing.

205 clergy of the Northern Illinois Conference have noticed and signed a statement last week affirming that we will joyfully offer the grace of the Church’s blessing to any prepared couple desiring Christian marriage – gay and straight alike. Please pray for Amy and her defense team as we try to offer a spiritual transfusion of Christ’s blood/life force to the Church’s prosecuting team. Nightly updates will be available on and periodic postings on Facebook.

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