Watch for the Deceiver

We live lives that are made easier by the trappings of our reality. We may say that we are not very wealthy, but we are just that when compared to the worlds' population. The prosperous routine of our lives gives us comfort and a measure of insulation from the cares of this world. We know there are dangers all around us but it's simpler to avoid thinking about them because of the stuff we own and the protection we've been accustomed to until someone we trust makes us aware of something that shakes us to our core - something that could threaten our peaceful existence.

The peace shattering information that we received from that trusted friend makes us come face to face with our worst fears. Then we immediately ask these questions: How do you know this information is true? When will this happen? How can we recover from or survive it?

The Bible had a situation just like that occur in Mark 13:1-8. One of the followers of Jesus was idyllically looking at the temple, pointing out its' majesty and, with great awe, how it was constructed. The temple was a symbol of God's favor and ultimate protection for the Jewish people. However, Jesus responded to that disciples' admiration with a prophecy of complete destruction and excessive level of deception that will mark the coming years and to be on the watch for it because those events would definitely come to pass, but they would be the beginning of the end. As you read this passage, pray for God to reveal the hope of abundant life amidst destruction and deception.

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