Wanted: Salty and Luminous People

Salt and light are part of the physical and visual elements that we all need to live well. Simply put, salt enhances food and light illuminates the world around us but each one does much more than that respectively. Normally, we eat large amounts of salt for taste, actually too much of it; but we require certain amounts of a variety of salts to maintain overall good health in moderation. 

We are exposed to enormous amounts of light, in its various forms, and depend on it to help us interpret and better understand the world around us. Visually, we use light to appreciate the beauty of the earth, to give essential support to one another, and improve the world that we have inherited. So, we are fundamentally and positively affected in different ways by both salt and light.

Spiritually speaking, if we use the positive attributes we have learned about salt and light for our living as people of God, we will understand that we have a responsibility to be God's agents of social change that spur on the communities that we live in to drastically improve the welfare of the residents who live among us. Mainly, I am talking about those of lesser means who are experiencing hardships and "on the margins", as well as those who are part of our regular circles of connection.

The Bible passage for this week comes from Matthew 5:13-20 where Jesus taught the people following him saying, "You are the salt of the earth...You are the light of the world." What can we do today to prepare to be the salt and the light for this world? Find out as many positive ways that salt is used for our benefit. Also, discover the various ways that light positively affects us and is used to improve the world around us. Then, ask yourself these questions: 

How am I modeling the positive attributes of salt and light spiritually and actively in my circle of family, friends and community? 

How do I better center my spiritual life with God's word to actively live out what I believe Jesus taught about being salt and light to this world? 

God is with us!

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