Values of the Village

Why do some people become wayward, reckless, and irresponsible? And, why do others react to them in ways that are indifferent? What is your reaction to people who have strayed into self-destructive behavior? We sometimes refer to them as contrary, messy, hardheaded, hardhearted, egotistical, cheating, unpredictable, "sometimey," and disloyal. But, there are other types of wayward people.

These others are amongst the disfavored - some because of physical beauty that is non-conforming. Meaning, not in accord with the prevailing standards, attitudes, practices, of a society or a group. Still others have been isolated and excluded, due to their non-conforming, or strange behaviors and habits. Some are called damaged because of severe emotional and psychological trauma from their past and present circumstances.

There is something that those types of people share in common with those who are labeled as wayward. At some point they either separated themselves by choice, sometimes in negative ways, due to hurt, anger, or by way of the rejection of others due to their unconventional beauty or behavior or by being excluded from certain groups because they are not invited into them and thus were rejected and seeking difficult paths for acceptance. There is potentially a lot of hurt going on in their lives that could drive those types of people away from those groups they once were part of or wanted to be part of.

There is no way of getting around much of the unfortunate circumstances in the lives of those who are led and motivated in ways that are often against their own best interests or those who are outcasts and driven to do the same.

If you look at Luke 15:1-10 you will find the account of Jesus eating a meal with those the religious elite had rejected, and they showed contempt for Jesus because of his welcoming spirit. Jesus responded by telling parables or spiritual stories about how people act when they have lost that which they have cherished but celebrated with others close to them once it was found again. After reading that passage, discover ways that you will do the same for those you know have been rejected.

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