Unconditional Love

Who hasn't been affected by the breakup of a marriage of either their own or by way of someone in their family of friendship group. The feelings of heartache and pain are overwhelming. The feelings of self-blame and internalization of the issues that led to the breakup of the marriage affect those who have had to suffer through it and all their family members as well.

Compounded on those hardships is the shame that our society places upon those who have been or are now going through a divorce. Gossip, lies, broken confidences, and isolation by friends, neighbors, fellow students, and co-workers scar many divorced families for life. But one of the most devastating things that those who have felt the pain of divorce is that the words of the Bible have been used like a brick to throw at them and make them feel like God no longer loves them as much as God loves those people who have never experienced divorce.

As you read Mark 10:2-16 critically you may uncover that the unconditional love of God is still available and ready to be given to divorced people and their families. Also, that there is a condition of an unyielding heart regarding marriage that must be changed to resemble that of a child who is open and obedient to God's leading.

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