A Change in Heart and Life

Is it possible that people can change? I mean change from who they were at one point in time, to someone genuinely different? Not completely different, but genuinely different. Change that is completely different, so often for some of us, conjures up images of a huge weight gain or a huge weight loss.

We are pushed on all sides to be image-conscious so when the subject of a complete change in someone is brought up, we mostly think in terms of the outward appearance leading to someone significantly changing their facial and body features that have become profoundly altered like when young children grow up and their faces and bodies undergo drastic changes in appearance as they mature from teens into young adults.

On the other hand, older people's faces and bodies can be changed into more youthful-looking bodies and faces. From a smaller, thinner body and face to a larger, fuller body and face, possibly with smoother-looking features on their skin. Or, from a larger, heavier body to a smaller, thinner body and face that gives the appearance of greater vitality, fitness, and strength. Also, changes in hairstyle, color, and measures to counteract the loss of hair, in whatever forms that can be achieved, are other changes that we often think about.

But no, I am not talking about those kinds of outward changes, though in their own ways, they are genuine and significant. Rather, I am talking about someone's world view, their central belief system that they follow and adhere to, including the way that they think about and interact with various kinds of people around them, especially those who are markedly different from them.

Can those inward parts of one's life, their worldview, and belief about other people's value as God's creation, genuinely change? What do you think? How would you recognize that type of genuine change in someone and how could you measure that kind of change?

It is that type of change that we are considering for this Sunday - only more profound. It is called resurrection and our faith in it so it can be realized in the real world, by real people, every day. In Luke 24:36b-48 you will see an account written by Luke, a disciple of Jesus. He was not one of the original 12 apostles, but he was a great man of faith. The account occurs not long after Jesus was arrested, put on trial, severely beaten, crucified, died, and his body placed in a tomb. It tells of a meeting between Jesus and the close disciples. Our Easter celebrations since that time, every Sunday, speak to the idea of what happened in Luke's account.

After you read the passage chosen from Luke, what do you think about the resurrection? Do you believe in it? If so, how can it be experienced before one dies? If not, what do you base your understanding of the annual Easter celebrations and the words spoken by Jesus in the last five verses of the passage in Luke? Amen.

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