Be Like Salt, Not Sugar

There are several reasons why we choose to compete with others. One reason is that the society that nurtured us also weaved into our collective consciousness the idea that those who are not with us are against us. "With us" may be defined as the people that we list as our family, friends, racial resemblance, same sexual orientation, political partners, and gender group, among many others. After we identify our competition, we may try to prevent them from succeeding in their endeavors, particularly those in ministry who seem to detract from our work in ministry as well as those whom we minister with.

However, as believers in God, we are taught to be helpers of the people around us whether or not they are part of our family, friends, or affinity groups - especially the people who are doing God's work that are not part of our local church or denomination. We are to be enhancements to this world in every way possible through the gifts God has given to us. This fundamental teaching of Jesus to offer help to the people we live and work around and not to be their competitors, particularly those of the household of God, flies in the face of our ultra-competitive society.

How do we go from being enhancers of the world to people that reduce and undermine God's endorsement of others' work for God? Read Mark 9:38-50 and find out Jesus' response to our need to compete with our fellow believers not in our circle connection.

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