Attaining Eternal Life

Our health is very important to us, so much so, that we do something habitually that is meant to improve or maintain our overall health condition. We do those things so that we can live as long as we can here on Earth.

Those habits may include eating well-balanced meals with portions sized to accommodate our personal caloric needs and includes proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits as well as some healthy fats. Those healthy eating habits should be coupled with getting regular strenuous exercise that lasts at least one hour continuously two or three times per week. We engage in healthy habits to enjoy the gift of physical life that God had blessed us with.

Our spiritual life is of even greater importance to us. What are the habits that bring about the eternal life that we want to achieve? If we read Mark 10:17-31, we will find a few distinctive actions that were prescribed by Jesus to a man who wanted to know how to gain eternal life spiritually.

The divine recommendation Jesus gave to that man stemmed from a shocking diagnosis of his personal spiritual state of being. It left the man troubled and saddened. To find out why, carefully read between the lines of Jesus' response to him and I think we all will learn a vital lesson regarding attaining eternal spiritual life.

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