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God’s Call Using Spiritual Gifts

We should be aware that God is calling us into ministry through the numerous ways that the Spirit of God is revealed in and through us. Yes, we can see evidence of God's calling of others in the Bible, but also we can see evidence of God's call of our fellow members of God's family through the spiritual gifts that they exhibit. There are many kinds of spiritual gifts expressed in many ways because God has made us to be the conduits of the various spiritual gifts that God gives for the building up of God's people.

Out of Darkness into Joy

I am looking forward to worshiping and celebrating the balance of Advent and the beginning of the Christmas seasons this year. We have all been filled with great anticipation of a more physically connective Advent and Christmas this year. Even if you may not be a "huggy" type of person, there are other blessed ways to enjoy our family and friends in person when we gather.

Acting on Christ’s Love Promise

In this Advent season, be reminded that we are to act out of love as Jesus did when he promised to return for those who love him. How are we preparing to live as loving children of the One who loves all people equally and act out Jesus' love promise? What happens when we act out of Christ's promise of love for us?

Winter Lent

What should we be doing during Advent? The best place to start is by understanding what Advent means. I want to give you an excerpt from an article that I read in Christianity Today on that subject:

"God of hope, I look to you with an open heart and yearning spirit.
During this Advent season, I will keep alert and awake,
listening for your word and keeping to your precepts.
My hope is in you." ~ Matthew Kelly

Redemption: Hope Over Hate

What would you say that you center your hope in as we enter the season we call Advent? What is Advent and why should we talk about hope during Advent? Isn't Advent an old word that people do not use much anymore outside of the church? We send out annual invitations for people to come to our worship services during Advent because it means something important to us.

God's Law in Our Hearts

We express our love for God both in how we live out our spirituality, which is conveyed through our hearts and minds and is transformative, and in what we do for others, as the need arises, for the sake of those who are without hope, hurting, and broken. God's love is shown in its fullest sense through our spirits, minds, and active service.

Proclaiming and Witnessing

How do you see yourself as a believer in God in relationship to other people, no matter if they are believers in God or not? How has your relationship with God changed the way you interact with people, regardless of if they are believers in God or not? If you find yourself having any difficulties figuring that question out, try thinking about ways that you express your relationship with God outwardly rather than privately.

Great Servanthood

It is often hard to hear the revealed word that God wants us to know without being distracted by our own desires to advance ourselves and our position that either subconsciously or consciously counteracts the truth that we have heard from God because that truth is too difficult to fully understand as it relates to our lives.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I know people who bring a Godly presence with them wherever they go. The presence I am thinking about is the understanding that those people have invited God with them in as many places as they want God to walk with them into.

Forgiveness and Healing through Prayer

How do we help to heal the people and the land that we live in today? We need healing not just because we have been living through a pandemic but also because we needed healing long before the pandemic began. We needed healing, in large part, because of the increasingly isolated society that we have adopted that is based on an independent and self-reliant culture that has been forged since our country gained its independence from England.


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