No Turning Back

This past week I  had the opportunity to go to Church Camp at Wesley Woods with many from our church and community. There was swimming, singing, Bible study, and so much more! Throughout each day we got to try a variety of different activities. There was action everywhere I looked: tie dying, paddle boating, chalk drawings, dancing. Children, youth, and adults alike were enjoying all that camp had to offer.

Though there was much going on, there was one clear theme: peace. Each day had a focus that guided us in our exploration of this theme. The first day it was aloha, the next ubuntu, then shalom, and finally agape. From the activities to the words spoken to each other, the presence of peace at camp was evident - we embraced this topic.

In our text for this week, Jesus is on a mission. He is headed towards Jerusalem and headed there quickly. The disciples are with him on this journey but get distracted by the happenings around him. Others offer to go, but aren't as willing to fully invest in his mission.

What do we consider as the major purpose of our lives? What everyday tasks and situations distract us from living out that purpose in all that we do and say?

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