Draw the Circle

How do we determine the value of something? In our workplaces, churches, and even our extracurricular activities, there are often expectations that we are supposed to meet and metrics by which we are evaluated.

In churches, often the metrics that people speak about relate to numbers. How many members? How many worship services? What do our finances look like? How big is our building? This happens both formally in information requested by our conference and informally in conversations between members of churches that often start out something like this: "Remember when..." From there, you can fill in the blank: ...we used to have 100 in our youth program?" or "...we used to fill the pews for every one of our worship services?" or "...people gave all that they had to the church?"

These metrics are important and are typical in many areas of our lives. That being said, are these the most important metrics by which we discern the fruitfulness of our church, our communities, and our lives?

This week as we explore Mark 9:30-37 together, I invite you to think about the ways that you are evaluated and the ways you evaluate people and institutions. What metrics are we called to consider when we evaluate ourselves and others as disciples of Christ?

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