Compass for the Heart

When I was in college, I worked as a Student Leadership Assistant in our Center for Leadership creating and facilitating leadership workshops and conferences for students on campus. Often we'd get requests from on campus groups seeking to update their mission and vision statements. 

When we'd lead these workshops, we would often show Simon Sinek's Start With Why Ted Talk. In this video, Sinek argues that the most compelling way to sell an item or to get people invested in something is by starting with your "why". Why do we do what we do? 

Do you think about your "Why" often? I feel like "why" is one of the first words a lot of young children learn and suddenly as a parent, people are asked to explain just about everything they do. How often though, do we think about our bigger "Why"? Why do we wake up each morning? Why do we live where we live? Why are we part of the Church? 

In our Scripture this week, we learn that Jesus had a "why" for where he went and what he did. This week we'll learn about Jesus' "why" and also reflect on our own.

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