Christ Reigns

Power. Authority. Rules. For many, it's hard to think objectively about any of these words. Our experience with each impacts how we respond when we talk about them. As people who are members of communities from families to congregations to workplaces, we navigate power, authority, and rules each and every day of our lives. Who has authority in your life and how did they get it? Is that authority based on title? Is it based on action? What positions of authority do you hold and how do you feel about them?

In this week's lectionary reading from John, Jesus and Pilate navigate power, authority, and rules. The two speak from positions of authority, but how they came to that authority and how they use it are rather different. In life, each of us encounters authority in different ways in different settings. As Christians, who has authority in our lives? When we find ourselves in power, how do we use it?

I invite you to consider these questions as you read John 18:33-37 and as you interact with others in your communities.

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