Justice, Kindness, and Journeying Humbly

Change happens in so many ways and often change includes some discomfort and tension. Even when that change isn't a conflict, this can be the case. When I was going through my growth spurt as a child, I remember those uncomfortable moments when I would be in-between sizes. One size was a little too snug and I'd find myself constantly pulling at my clothes. The next size up would require adjustments in length or wouldn't look quite right either.

Discomfort and tension. Don't we face that also when change occurs in our communities, whether small communities like our families or larger communities, like nations? Sometimes I think Christians are fed a lie that if we believe in God, life will simply be easy and we will just be happy and nice. It's a little more complicated than that, especially when we live in a world that isn't always filled with the compassion and love that God promises us.

When we find ourselves in the face of injustice or oppression, God calls us to take action. This action does not always make us popular, be that with local politicians and powers-that-be, or even, at times, with our own friends and family. What does it mean to live in that tension? To own that discomfort? We are people of the resurrection who have this hope and promise that new life for all of creation is coming and yet we must navigate the not-here-yet of it all in our everyday lives.

Join us this week as we ponder this and what God might be speaking to us about in Micah 6:1-8.

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