Finding the Star and Following it too

Happy New Year! How will you celebrate this weekend? Tis' the time for New Year's resolutions! Throughout your life, what kinds of resolutions have you made . . . and have you been able to keep them? It's always interesting to hear what goals people set for themselves this time of year. I wonder when I hear over and over again goals about getting to the gym or eating healthier if people make goals that matter to them or that they feel like they need to make to better be accepted by others.

What if the resolutions we set for the new year had less to do with society's expectations for our bodies and beings and more so around our values?

This week in worship, we journey with the wise men to the manger. Encouraged by King Herod to visit the Christ Child and report back to him, the wise men have decisions to make and those decisions undoubtedly come with consequences. This Sunday, we'll explore discernment and decision-making. How do we determine goals for ourselves and what do those goals say about us and the world we live in?

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