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Restoration and Resurrection

"Why do you look for the living among the dead?" That is one of the most striking questions that is written in the Bible found in Luke 24:5. It was asked by two angelic beings of a very frightened Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and other women who came in search for their teacher, friend, and spiritual guide Jesus after his crucifixion, death, and entombment. Please read Luke 24:1-12.

Stones Will Shout

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. Together we'll worship, celebrating with a palm processional as we honor Jesus moving ever closer to the cross. Holy Week is an emotional week with ups and downs. We begin with this joyful parade, celebrating alongside the disciples and the people of Jerusalem until we make it to Thursday.

Remedy for Our Illness

How we treat the people who we love while they are living corresponds to the way we will treat their remains when they die. We love them through and through until the end and beyond. Love never ends, it is eternal. Praise God!

Come Home

When people talk about Jesus, what do you hear? In my circles, we spend a lot of time talking about Jesus' ministry. Jesus was a preacher, teacher, and healer. He fed the hungry, spent time with marginalized people, and challenged the powers that be, in the political and religious realms. We talk too about his death and resurrection and the grace he offers all of us.

God’s Abundance and Forgiveness

I am grateful to know what it is like to experience forgiveness, acceptance, and abundance. I hope that you have had experiences where you have been welcomed with open arms and given access to a significant measure of provisions, gifts that were consumable and of a benefit to you and others to use both spiritually and in material form and connected to those experiences, the feeling of being forgiven for any past mistakes and failures of word and action.

Called Out of Fear

If I was to use one word to describe Lent, I would use intentionality. In this season we are invited and encouraged to pay a little more attention, to purposefully seek the presence and guidance of God in our life. Whether that means letting go of something that distracts us, putting time away for spiritual practices, or reflecting on how we might live more in love with God and one another, this is a time of intentionality.

Full of the Holy Spirit

What do you understand about being tested? How do you feel about meeting a good challenge? Are they both part of an accomplished life? What about our spiritual life, does it need to be tested and challenged to be well-rounded and fulfilled? I believe that many of us think the time of Lent is all about being tested so that we may become the best followers of Christ that we can be.

Divine Shine

Chameleons are curious creatures. They have the unique ability to change color. How fascinating! Sometimes these color changes help regulate body temperature, adjust to the light, or send signals to other chameleons about their moods. Did you know this? Many of us are more familiar with their secondary use of color-changing: camouflage. When I think of chameleons it is this. I imagine they use their color-changing to blend into their surroundings. I wonder why it is that though this isn't their main reason for changing colors, it seems to be the one that we are most familiar with?

Agape Love Without Barriers

How do we achieve the community that Jesus was establishing during his public ministry? The actions of those of us who believe in Jesus and seek to realize the words that he preached and taught must point to a standard that is reinforced through practice. Love is the standard that Jesus built all his relationships, preaching, teaching, and his efforts to create and maintain just systems upon to ensure that we all treat one another as God treats us.

In Our Fullness

Have you ever noticed how much of life is preparing for the next step? I remember as a child being told in classrooms that what I was learning in that moment would be important for the next grade. I remember being in high school and having teachers tell us what would and wouldn't be accepted and allowed in college. Then, in college, we would sit in lecture halls while our professors would inform us of what we needed to do to be successful as we sought out jobs or journeyed on in higher education.


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