Wesley's Great Experiment

Wesley's Great Experiment

Wanted: Ten Brave Christians

For One Month:

- Who will meet once each week to pray together
- Who will give 2 hours time each week to our church (self-surrender)
- Who will give God 1/10 of their earnings during this month (self-sacrifice)
- Who will commit to 30 minutes of prayer and meditation each day
- Who will witness for God their experience to others

Join in Wesley's Great Experiment during Lent!

Interested parties will be divided into groups of ten based on their meeting time availability.
The meeting times are:

  • Sunday mornings at 9:00am
  • Tuesday mornings at 10:30am
  • Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm
  • Thursday afternoons at 1:00pm

Groups will begin to meet after the beginning of Lent - the first group to meet will be the Sunday morning group on February 26th.

Once you are in a group you will meet once a week at that time to pray and share with the other members of your group during Lent.

This is a unique opportunity to connect with other people and grow spiritually and personally.

Contact Terry in the office or at terry@dgfumc.org for more information.

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