Biggest Carbon Loser: Week 3

Biggest Carbon Loser

During this month, commit to as many actions as possible to reduce your energy consumption and in friendly competition see who can score the most points in moving you and your family toward a lower carbon footprint. Report your score using the DGFUMC Contact Form (choose 'Environmental Stewardship' as the category). Here is the list of action items for week 3. Previous weeks can be found on the Going Green page.

Action Items

  1. During the summer, open windows overnight whenever temps drop below 70 degrees for free air conditioning - 1 pt.
  2. Replace all conventional light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED - 1 pt/ bulb replaced
    Clean or replace furnace air filter regularly - 2 pts.
  3. Unplug cell phone and other chargers when not in use (a continuing energy loss is wasted if left plugged)- turn cell phone off overnight to reduce charging needed - 3 pts
  4. Close off any rooms and close heat registers for rooms not in regular use - 2 pts.
  5. Eliminate use of leaf blowers and power spray cleaners (rakes and brooms have worked successfully for thousands of years) - 1 pt.
  6. Caulk and weatherproof around windows/ doors to reduce air leaks - 4 pts.
  7. Bike to locations within a few miles when weather permits - 2 pts.
  8. Keep car tires inflated to 40 lbs. or at least recommended pressure - 2 pts.
  9. If more than one car in family, drive most fuel efficient car whenever possible - 2 pts.
  10. Return used batteries, CF bulbs, etc. for recycling while out - 1 pt.
  11. Bring your own re-useable bags to grocery store - 1 pt.
  12. For holidays and birthdays give your family and friends the gift of donations to a favorite charity - 1 pt.

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