Biggest Carbon Loser: Week 2

Biggest Carbon Loser

During this month, commit to as many actions as possible to reduce your energy consumption and in friendly competition see who can score the most points in moving you and your family toward a lower carbon footprint. Report your score using the DGFUMC Contact Form (choose 'Environmental Stewardship' as the category). Here is the list of action items for week 2. Previous weeks can be found on the Going Green page.

Action Items

  1. Adjust your thermostat- recommended heating settings are 65- 68 degrees during the day and 55- 60 degrees overnight.  Recommended cooling temperature is no lower than 78 degrees (setting thermostat at these recommended temperatures can reduce CO2 by 1,500 lb/ yr. - 5 pts.
  2. Do full loads of laundry and dish washing.  Use cold water wash/ rinse for laundry (90% of the energy  in doing laundry goes to heating water and only 10% to powering the machine) - 2 pts Replace all conventional light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED - 1 pt/ bulb replaced
  3. Turn down  hot water heater temperature to 120 degrees or medium temp. setting - 2 pts.
  4. Install electric outlet insulator pads on all outside walls - 1 pt.
  5. Add perennial and native plantings to the yard to gradually reduce lawn areas - 2 pts.
  6. Install a programmable thermostat to help with (1) above - 10 pts.
  7. Walk to any locations less than one mile - 2 pts.
  8. Turn car off if idling for more than 15 seconds (other than at stoplights)- reduces emissions as well as wear on car - 2 pts.
  9. Accelerate slowly- maintain MPH- can save 1,000 lb/ yr. CO2) - 2 pts.speed limit (20-30% energy savings driving 55 MPH vs. 75
  10. Combine trips- shop at closest stores - 2 pts.
  11. Buy products that use recyclable materials - 2 pts
  12. Avoid buying bottled water- get everyone in the family a water bottle to fill and take along when travelling - 1 pt.

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