Crafting A Relationship

The Reality Behind the Craft Sales

Nicole at UPAVIMOn April 28, after the 11am service, we will hear a presentation by Nicole Hertel Meirose describing the history of the UPAVIM cooperative in Guatemala City and the value of our connection to their community. Until 2012, Nicole was the regional coordinator in Guatemala for Sister Parish, an organization that fosters links between churches in the United States and communities in Central America. She can therefore provide a unique insight into the Mezquital community, in which UPAVIM is located, the challenges they have faced and overcome in building a school, clinic, and other services to the surrounding community, and the purpose behind our relationship - how it enriches both communities.

Later this year, a delegation of women from the UPAVIM will be visiting us in Downers Grove and there will be many opportunities for the congregation to meet them and share our stories. To help us prepare for this visit, we invite all church members to hear first-hand what life in Guatemala City is like, who these remarkable women are, and how our bond with them impacts all of us.

Lunch will be provided. It is not necessary to register in advance - you are welcome to just show up if you are interested - but please fill in the sign-up form below if you know that you will be coming. 

To coincide with her visit, we are once again holding a Spring Sale of UPAVIM crafts on April 21, April 28, and May 5. 

Chapel Hall
Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 12:15pm to 2:00pm

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