Saintly Living and Resurrection

I have read that "A saint, also historically known as a hallow, is a person who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness or likeness or closeness to God." (Wikipedia)

We become saintly when we love that which God loves to the point of making it our main goal in life. When nothing compares to the goal of loving all that God loves and doing everything in our power, through God, to supply that love to people, pets, and the earth and bringing down every ideology and system that goes against God's love, through the power of God's Holy Spirit; then are we prepared to begin to live saintly lives.

For some, the idea of a saintly person recalls on the one hand a very blessed, positive, and inspirational example of our humanity and on the other hand a judgmental, outdated, and unattainable persona that is not taken seriously as an aspirational goal as a believer in God. Also, most people not only see a saint as someone who has died but as someone who must be dead to be considered genuine. Are there saintly people who are living vibrant Godly lives today?

Continuing with this definition of a saint, do we want to live the life of a saint? Are saintly people the only people who receive a place in the presence of God after they die? And do we want to be in God's presence after we leave this earthly existence? We often have become so focused on and bound to making our life here on earth a good life and overcoming the problems that surround us, we may not have seriously considered living a saintly life or whether our existence beyond our human life is worthy of our attention now.

If our remembrance of those that we love who have died and who have impacted our lives for the better through God's love is important, should not living our lives exceptionally for the betterment of others and the world through God's love be important to us as well? Also, do we want to remain in connection with the God we serve and the people of God who have died before us after we die? Is that of great importance to us?

If we want to answer those questions we can start that conversation with the teachings of Jesus in the gospel of Luke 20:27-38. Jesus was asked a question and his answers offered a multi-layered understanding of life after this one regarding our connection to each other and to God in that existence, and the connection that the saints have with God. Please read that Bible passage, research it, and pray for understanding for our living today and our spiritual life beyond this one.

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