The Lord Needs You

Does the ancient Palm Sunday scene sound familiar? If we take out Jesus' riding through the streets of Jerusalem, on a donkey and a colt (the foal of a donkey), we will see similar kinds of public gatherings that have happened recently, especially because it is election season.

The streets, squares, halls, and stadiums of our communities have been populated with people of various kinds, including the well off, political elite, middle class, and many who are disenfranchised, losing faith in the government, or who suffer needlessly due to societal indifference.

Many who gather shout to those holding or seeking political office saying things like "save us," "protect us," "accept us," and "treat us as equally as those who are wealthy and powerful." Proclaiming they are God's beloved human creation, whether citizens, or immigrants, each one deserves favor, protection, and acceptance.

The masses often feel defeated and look to get help from the political arena, particularly those seeking public office or have been elected to public office. Do you think that the people who need to be helped, saved, cared for, protected, and accepted will find what they need solely from the political arena and or from politicians?

Where does God place in the process of creating solutions to society's problems, especially for those who are worse off than we are, those who have never been in a good position economically, socially, or politically in their lives?

In the light of that question what is the relevance of the Palm Sunday account? What does it mean to us personally and collectively? The Bible passage of Matthew 21:1-11 has several elements in it that point to how we can understand the ways that God through Jesus, has and will positively impact our problems. The next thing we should look for is what it takes from us to be a part of Christ's impact on our problems. Pray as you read.

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