Leap Before You Look

Our flesh, our earthly bodies, are the most common way that we experience this world. We do so specifically through our sensory perceptions. Human DNA made from the physical union of two people, over a nine-month gestation period will produce a baby made of extremely cute and cuddly baby skin and baby bones. But, it only happens once in a lifetime. Our spiritual self is the most common way that we experience the extraordinary connections that we all know, or can possibly know, and depend on to inform us about who we are intuitively in God's love. That connection helps us to make sense of our relationships using our mind (psyche) and emotions as we interact with our family, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, co-workers, and acquaintances.

We have not fully understood our spiritual selves. We may have made light of some of those who are seen as being in touch with the spiritual realm because we do not understand them fully. Nevertheless, we who identify ourselves as believers in God have placed an emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit which has its basis in our faith in God, and as one of the persons of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit is a key connector of our faith.

This Sunday is the second of the Lenten season, where we focus on our faith and our connection to it through the Holy Spirit. God is one God who manifests as three unified persons. Humans are one being made up of flesh and spirit. However, we have often separated our bodies from our spirits. We have come to believe that our bodies need the most care and have laid aside the care and development of our spiritual selves with whatever is left over of our resources.

We have more work to do to strengthen our spiritual selves. We use our bodies, reasoning, and spiritual intuition to understand the world. During Lent, let us consider how we understand our rebirth spiritually that comes through our faithful connection to God.

Please read John 3:1-7 in your Bible and find the teaching exercise that Jesus applied as part of a request from a leader and teacher of the Jewish people of that time and area. It can be put into practice today if we are open to it.

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