God’s Curative Connection

There is an illness in our society that is clearly evident. Its symptoms center around a serious lack of healthy love flowing through it, and I have named that condition anemic love. "Anemia is a condition in which you lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body's tissues." (Mayo Clinic) We lack a healthy amount of God's love flowing through the cells that make up the fabric of our society.

We are suffering horribly from anemic love in this country, it is a spiritual and emotional illness, and a few of its symptoms are indifference to the hardships of the people outside of the inner circles that we normally identify with; the increasing acts of violence in general; and the increasing street crimes of carjacking, robbery, and aggravated battery in urban, suburban, and rural areas of the country.

Some of the acute symptoms of anemic love can be found in a small but increasing portion of our society that feels the need to engage in mass killings that are racially motivated and in mass killings of children in schools using military assault rifles and handguns modified to hold large clips of bullets.

These horrific mass killings are now so commonplace that we have built up a resistance to being shocked by them. It saddens me how deeply unaffected and desensitized we all have become, particularly over the past four years, as we have witnessed the aftermath of the mass shootings in the seven cities they have occurred recently. The dehumanization of people is one of the main symptoms of anemic love.

If our society had a full measure of God's love, those acts of hatred could not be carried out because it would cause too much internal conflict and emotional scarring to do so.
The full measure of God's love is in a state of continuous flow and there is a well-known prayer called the High Priestly Prayer in the Bible found in John 17:20-26. It expresses God's desire to be connected to all people and is available to everyone who believes in God's love embodied in Jesus who offered that sacred prayer.

It is the only cure for anemic love if it is believed and practiced daily. Every other attempt to remedy anemic love will fall short if this sacred prayer is not applied to it. Please read the entire 17th chapter of John's gospel to better understand why Jesus offered the High Priestly Prayer and the deep, loving connection that it provides us. AMEN.

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