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Compassionate Faith: Teaches and Heals

How do you feel about the miraculous happenings in the Bible? Some of us may believe that those miracles actually happened in the past and are still happening in the present as a response to severe human hardships. Others of us may believe that those miraculous stories are meant to highlight the need for us to positively affect the lives of those who are suffering in poverty or illness that leads to transformational results, but the stories are not true accounts.

God’s Mission vs. Self-Preservation

This Sunday's bible reading from Mark 6:14-29 tells of the death of the prophet, John the Baptizer, who plainly spoke the truth, as he saw it, against the governor of his province and his wife and paid the ultimate price for keeping it real. And also due to the unwitting whim of the governor, Herod Antipas and his wife Herodias, a clever trickster.

Abundant Honor

The Independence Day holiday we just celebrated was another opportunity to prioritize some of the things we see as a blessing and as honorable as citizens and residents of this country. I thank God for being part of a nation that was built on a foundation of openness to diverse religious expression, diverse opinions across all types of communication, to peaceful assembly, and this list goes on.


Greetings to the Downers Grove FUMC family and friends! Sunday will be the first worship service for myself and Pastor Anna Voinovich to lead as the new pastoral team. We gratefully thank and richly bless Greta and Jim McDonald for leading this wonderful congregation as God's shepherds through worship, proclamation, pastoral care, teaching, and administration. We will work together as pastors and parishioners to continue the good work Jim and Greta both diligently performed for the building and strengthening of the family of God here.

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