What’s in a Name?

What is the meaning of your name? Where did it come from? Was it given to you to honor someone from the past? Did you choose it with great hope for the future? Names can be powerful.

Throughout Scripture names help us learn about God and God's people Did you know that Moses means "drawn through the water" in Hebrew? Just from this one name, from 5 letters put together, we receive a glimpse of Moses' life. Names are also given by God to mark specific moments and people as sacred. Jesus renames Simon Peter. God offers a new name to Jacob. Scripture shows us that names can be powerful.

I write this to you on day two of our church's Summer Camp. This week's theme is all about names and their meanings! So far, we've explored the meanings that names can have. Today, we'll talk about what happens when nicknames or labels are given without full consideration of who we are. Later we'll look at name changes as markers of momentous occasions in life all while exploring the stories of Moses, Zaccheus, Naomi, and Peter. Join us this Sunday as we share with you what we've learned together at camp!

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