Hope Still Dwells

From Pastor Claude's sermon on September 18:

“Hope Still Dwells”
by Denise King

The glare of a summer sun shining through my windowpane brings warm thoughts to mind!

Remembering the times when days were long, playing in the street where no crime abides.

Where the grass is green, and the flowers grew. The old gather to share things that matter and the young fill the air with laughter and chatter.

Now these things are long in our past, war is present, hunger, and homelessness are vast.

Crime is in, families are torn, and the dreams of children are no longer born!

Where do we go from here when we see our young, our future, in despair?

Do we look away, having an empty place in our hearts and minds for those who are not in our care?

Or do we just pray and send money to a popular cause, letting our conscious be free and clear?

Where do we go from here when all we see is hopelessness in a world full of tragic circumstances with hatred and indifference to those that do not look and live like us?

We go back to the beginning where hope still dwells. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ brings that hope through the glare of the new summer Son (Jesus) to those who have not
hardened their hearts.

May we all take on the burden to bridge the gap with the love and care that we have in our hands and deep within our souls!

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